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Home Rentals in La Plata County, Colorado

  • 529 Hickory Rdg, Bayfield, CO 81122

    3 Bed, 2 Bath $1000

    Address: 529 Hickory Rdg, Bayfield, CO 81122 Contact: +1(904)342-3847 Lovely single family home with large backyard on a corner lot in Mesa Meadows subdivision Bayfield! Open floor plan with 3 b...

  • 200 Red Oaks Ln, Hesperus, CO 81326

    4 Bed, 4 Bath $2000

    All residents are subject to HOA rules. Good internet. Large parking area. Ideal for work at home couples or long term retirees or anyone who desire to live the Durango lifestyle. PETS: Yes I do acce...

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